Our Team

The Tallahassee Serinas Synchronized Swimming Team, founded in 1977 by Karen Norris, is a year-round, nationally ranked, competitive program. The program is comprised of athletes who are interested in combining gymnastic, dance, a love of music and swimming into a beautifully crafted synchronized swimming routine!

The Serinas Synchronized Swimming Team  is open to any girl age 5-12 who can safely and successfully swim 25 yards freestyle.

There are many options available to a swimmer who is interested in joining our team. We recommend that new swimmers attend one of the following seasonal clinics that we offer before joining the Novice Team.

The Seasonal Clinic Team

 The Seasonal program is open to any girl ages 5-12 who would like to attend one or more of the clinics. There will be clinics this summer at Trousdell Aquatic Center (298 John Knox Road). During the summer clinics, swimmers will learn some basic synchro skills and concepts. 

The Novice Team

Practice 2022-2023: Wednesday and Friday from 5:00pm-6:00pm

The Novice Team is a year-round, competitive program in which swimmers will learn routines and attend three to four competitions around the state of Florida between the months of January to June.

The Intermediate Team

Practice 2022-2023: Tuesday, Wednesday and 2 Fridays/month from 5:00pm-6:30pm

The Intermediate Team is the next step up from the Novice Team.  These swimmers are more actively involved in the creation of their routines with their coaches. This team attends three to four competitions around the state of Florida between the months of January to June.

The Junior Olympic Team

Practice 2022-2023: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 5:00pm-6:30pm

The Junior Olympic Team is comprised of a group of advanced swimmers with most members having competed at the National level. The team is required to attend practice three to five days a week. 

We believe in keeping the swimmers in shape and in synch’!